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Melt Haus

Melt Haus is a print on demand clothier.


Melt Haus is a print on demand clothing company based in Miami, Florida. I was asked to develop the brand’s identity, tone of voice, and online retail experience. Evocative of the printing process, the name Melt Haus suggests the clothier’s zeal for transfering ink to fabric. The symbol at once represents a garment’s pattern and the company’s initials. In application, the logo is used alone on stark white surfaces and over imagery, which serves as inspiration for customers as they imagine their own designs.

The logo is inspired by the precise, schematic linework of a garment’s pattern.

The symbol also includes the company’s initials.

Custom JavaScript animations demonstrate the transfer of ink to fabric — the melting process.

Melt animation.

Melt animation.

The house font, Neue Haas Grotesk, supports the straightforward user experience and allows the user’s artwork to shine.

Business card.


UX wireframes.


Website, user path.

Finished garment.

Clothing label.

Clothing tag.


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